1、[B] Besides  2、[A] connected  3、[D] host  4、[C] avoid  5、[B] involving

6、[D] on  7、[B] exposed  8、[C] down  9、[A] calculated  10、[D] explained

11、[A] Even  12、[B] symptoms  13、[D] increased  14、[B] associated  15、[C] generate

16、[A] in the face of  17、[C] attribute  18、[A] because  19、[C] remains  20、[D]influences


Text 1

21、[C] explain Americans' tolerance of current security checks.

22、[C] An increase in the number of travelers.

23、[A] faster.

24、[D] An unreasonable price for enrollment.

25、[B] PreCheck-a Belated Solution

Text 2

26、[B] the importance of astronomy in ancient Hawaiian society.

27、[A] its geographical features

28、[B] it reminds them of a humiliating history.

29、[C] may uncover the origin of Hawaiian culture.

30、[D] full approval.

Text 3

31、[D] had a low opinion of GDP

32、[B]GDP as the measure of success is widely defied in the UK .

33、[D]Its results are enlightening .

34、[C]it is essential to consider factors beyond GDP .

35、[A]High GDP But Inadequate Well-being , a UK Lesson

Text 4

36、[C] was contemptuous of McDonnell's conduct.

37、[C] concrete returns for gift-givers.

38、[A] justified in addressing the needs of their constituents.

39、[B] guarantee fair play in official access.

40、[D] supportive


41. [F] Dickens was born in Portsmouth

42. [E] Soon after his father's release from prison

43. [A]The first published sketch

44. [C]Soon after Sketches by Boz appeared

45. [G] After Pickwick, Dickens plunged into a bleaker world


(46) 但是即使当下英语使用者的人群还在进一步扩大,有迹象表明:在可预见的未来,英语可能会逐渐失去其全球主导地位。

(47) 因此,对于那些认为英语的国际地位无懈可击、甚至觉得他们的年青后辈们不需要学习其他语言的人而言,他的分析可能会给他们的骄傲自大画上一个句号。

(48) 众多国家正在将英语引进小学课程,但是,毫不夸张地说,英国学童和学生似乎没有受到更多的鼓励去学会流利地使用其他语言。

(49) 大卫·葛拉尔多所发现的变化给教授他国人士英语的英国机构以及更广阔的教育市场带来了显而易见的巨大挑战。





  Dear James Cook,

  Welcome to China! I'm writing this email to recommend some scenic spots in Beijing to you so that you can have a wonderful time here.

  First of all, you could have a visit to the Summer Palace and Forbidden City, which are renowned for its old buildings and diverse cultures. After that, it is advisable to go to Wang Fujing, where you can have a taste of some delicious local food while enjoying the traditional culture. Finally, you can go to the National Museum, in which some traditional art exhibitions are being held. What do you think of my plans?

   I sincerely hope that you could enjoy yourselves in Beijing and it will be my pleasure to be your guide.

  Yours sincerely

Li Ming


  Portrayed in the two cartoons is thought-provoking: In the left one, a young man, comfortably lounging on the chair, is looking at his huge bookshelf full of books contentedly, while the other, in the right drawing, is determined to finish reading 20 books in a year.

  By this scenario, the cartoonist is trying to awaken us to the importance of reading and sticking to our goals. It is universally held that with the advance of modern society, only those equipped with updated knowledge which requires constant reading are most likely to reach the summit of the success. Conversely, without persistent learning and taking actions, our objectives are bound to be a fantasy. Indeed, people fail always because they stop trying, not because they encounter invincible difficulties.

  From what has been mentioned above, we may reasonably arrive at the conclusion that only those who keep learning and cherish the spirit of persistence have opportunities to succeed. Therefore, such essence is an important virtue worthy of being fostered. If you understand and adhere to this principle in your study and work, you will definitely benefit greatly.

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